Acquisition of KHiMii by KHIMOD

We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of KHiMii by KHIMOD

KHIMOD has been a major shareholder of KHiMii and has designed and manufactured the breakthrough heat exchanger reactors commercialized by KHiMii. The integration of KHiMii within KHIMOD will speed-up the development of our innovative heat exchanger reactors on the fine and specialty chemical sectors. Post-closing, all KHiMii’s activities will be fully integrated into KHIMOD. Flow Chemistry VP Eric Aubay tells us more about the acquisition.

What will KHIMOD offer in the field of flow chemistry?

This acquisition will not change the way we have been working within KHiMii. We develop and market heat exchanger-reactors for flow chemistry meeting the needs of the fine and specialty chemical market. In order to make the adoption of our technology easier we also offer the possibility to test our equipment through our network of academic laboratories.

Which new opportunities does the acquisition bring to the chemistry fields for KHIMOD?

The acquisition will allow to speed-up our development by making the KHIMOD reactors even more suitable for the flow chemistry community.

What is main focus of KHIMOD in flow chemistry in the next few months?

We have identified that flow hydrogenation is a fast-growing segment and that our equipment meets the technical needs of this application, thanks to its outstanding heat-exchange capacity and because it can be used with fixed bed catalysts. Consequently, our main focus is to develop this application, with the support of our customers and our partners.