Solutions for e-fuels, e-methane, e-methanol and technologies for the flow chemistry market


Solutions for the production of e-fuels, e-methanol and e-methane, allowing CO₂ reuse and valorization

Flow Chemistry

Heat Exchanger-Reactors addressing the needs of the flow chemistry market with a strong focus on continuous hydrogenation


KHIMOD’s technology is field-proven and relies on disruptive and innovative Heat Exchanger-Reactors (HERs) for the energy and chemical continuous manufacturing markets.

Besides its HERs, KHIMOD designs and manufactures turnkey systems and delivers related services, for the production of e-methane, e-methanol and e-fuels, allowing H2 transformation and CO2 reuse and valorization.

KHIMOD is involved in multiple ground-breaking projects in power-to-gas (Jupiter1000, Methycentre) and for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (Avebio).

KHIMOD, range reactors K1 to K5

“At KHIMOD, we are proud to contribute to decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors such as waste management and air or maritime transportation and to help the chemical industry to transition to flow chemistry.

Backed by a strong technical development background and an experienced multidisciplinary team, our field-proven solutions allow our customers to produce synthetic molecules such as e-methane, e-methanol or e-fuels.”

Nicolas Serrie