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Reducing global CO2 emissions is an absolute necessity in the near future.

One step to limit CO2 emissions is its taxation.

But that is not enough, CO2 must be fought in every way possible.

Another step is to reduce or recycle emitted CO2.

Industrial solutions to fight CO2 emissions must target:

  • CO2 transformation (CCU) in valuable molecules → Direct impact
  • Improvement of chemical processes in order to emit less CO2 → Indirect impact

This is what KHIMOD does.



KHIMOD is a French green tech company based in the Paris area.

It is a spin-off of a well-established industrial and innovative group acting in challenging markets (Energy, Aeronautics, Medical & Defense).

KHIMOD's industrial solution to fight CO2 is designed around a disruptive Heat Exchanger-Reactor (HER).

KHIMOD’s high-performance Heat Exchanger-Reactor is key for catalytic reactions requiring:

  • High pressure and high temperatures
  • High levels of thermal fluxes, either exothermic or endothermic
  • Highly demanding temperature control



CEA is a leading R&D French innovative Organization, highly skilled in the development of disruptive technologies in the field of energy.

CEA and KHIMOD are close partners in the field of Heat Exchanger-Reactors.

CEA and KHIMOD are dedicated to enhancing the performance and safety of Heat Exchanger-Reactors with cost-effective manufacturing in mind.



The KHIMOD Advisory Board's goal is to advise the management on upcoming challenges and strategic orientations for KHIMOD.



Compliance and Security for KHIMOD are ensured by ALCEN at corporate level.